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Whether you are looking for 6 power strips or 12,000, Mid-State Manufacturing can provide you with the electrical products you need. We carry three types of multiple outlet devices: power strips, cube taps and 3-wire 4-way outlets. We also carry two forms of ground fault circuit interrupters which are designed to reduce the risk of electric shock. Whether you sell them to customers who need the convenience of multiple plug-ins or are looking for an electronics safety guarantee, when you purchase multiple outlet devices from Mid-State, you can be assured they are manufactured with high quality. Most of our products are made here in the United States and are UL tested.

Multiple Outlet Power Strips

7-outlet power strips are available in two varieties and are convenient for all applications. The first is a basic power strip and the second has a surge protector with circuit breaker, light switch and noise filter. Basic configurations are:

  • 4 foot, 3 wire, 14 gauge cord
  • 7 grounded outlets
  • 15 amp circuit breaker
  • 1875 watts

Cube Taps

Cube taps turn your single female extension cord into a multiple outlet device, providing you with the convenience of more than one or two plug-ins.

3-Wire 4-Way Outlets

3-wire grounded 4-way multiple outlet devices give you the convenience of adding three more outlets to your existing one. The four outlet metal box connects to an extension cord for garage or shop convenience when you only have one outlet.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

The ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) monitors the flow of an electric current to protect you, or your customers, from severe or fatal electric shocks and burns. Mid-State has two forms of GFCI's, both with a 12 gauge, 3 wire cord.

  • 300 volt UL duplex receptacle with 6' yellow PVC cord
  • 300 volt UL circuit breaker with 2' yellow PVC cord

For specific details on these or any of our electrical products, view our brochure or contact us for an updated price sheet and information on our pre-paid freight policy.

Mid-State Manufacturing provides hardware stores, auto parts dealers, retail establishments, and other businesses with the electrical products you need for resale or personal use. We are an industry leading manufacturer of power supply cords, multiple outlet devices, trouble lights and other electrical supplies. For more information, contact us.